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FCM Turkey is part of a regional tourism group established in Romania and Bulgaria for more than 20 years. After acquiring a local leader in the online travel field in 2014, FCM Travel Solutions Turkey was established operations in 2015 to support the growth of the region.

  • In 2011 FCM Travel Solutions became affiliated with Happy Tour in Romania, who later expanded this affiliation to Bulgaria and as of 2015, to Turkey.
  • Headquartered in Bucharest, Sofia and Istanbul the company has forged a strong reputation for itself and this has allowed them to work with some of the best well known private and public companies in these three countries.
  • FCM Turkey service both key national and multinational clients including; Clariant, Bamesa, Infineon, Parexel, PRA, Fujitsu, etc.

Local services

FCM Turkey offers many corporate travel and expense managementservices including:

  • Travel reservations for flights, hotels, hire car and other modes of travel as required
  • Multiple options for best fare/rate on all quotes
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Local and multinational account management